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Anime Fathers

OOH YEAH Happy Father’s Day Minna-san!Anime fathers, some of them we love some of them we hate… I’m going to try to list 10 or so but this is not really a top 10 considering some are likes and some are hates depending on which father it is so a ranked list isn’t really appropriate…either way they are fathers I remember so yeah.

Van Hohenheim from Fullmetal Alchemist: Now, I haven’t read all of FMA nor have I watched all of it so please no spoilers my dear tumblrs…I do have a feeling that there’s a chance Van will redeem himself but…from the amount I’ve read/seen he’s a terrible father. I mean he walked out on the family, the reason I don’t know yet so don’t tell me kay? He can’t really seem to smile…I consider his personality to be rather awkward.. and this is one of those cases where I feel the same emotion the main character does. I wanna beat him up and teach him a lesson for walking out on our... their family like that! 

Fujitaka Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura: Looking at the CCS angle first, Fujitaka is a college professor who fell in love with one of his students, Nadeshiko (she was also a model I believe) and they got married when she was only 16, this probably didn’t place him in a positive light with Nadeshiko’s family and he knew this and aceepted it, he also feels partially responsible for her death…that being said Fujitaka is a great father! He’s such a kind and mild-mannered person who is obviously proud of his daughter despite having no idea she’s a card captor (lol) and I dunno he just hits a lot of good father marks with me. In Tsubasa he took CSyaoran in when he found him all alone and the two of them explored many different countries together, though apparently that wasn’t the full story…IDK Tsubasa sometimes confuses me so I take in small parts. Either way, yay Fujitaka!

Prince Phill from Slayers: When Lina heard about a prince she was obviously expecting a handsome young man who would come and knock her off her feet and instead they were greeted with Prince Phill, the father of Amelia who was also introduced around the same time. Even if he is not handsome and is a clutz/ sort of an idiot at times I still feel he is a perfect father from Amelia. It is clear to see where Amelia gets her strong desire for justice from, and well in general this father and daughter are a lot alike… anyway, I enjoy seeing episodes that he’s in because he is so much fun.

Mr. Kyusaku: You get points if you know who this is, Mr. Kyusaku from Cat Girl Nuku Nuku is one of those quirky fathers who is not so secretly a scientist and he created a Cat brained android to protect the world but hey…what’s wrong with that? I know he probably doesn’t spend much time with his wife or son because of that, well his wife is an office worker for an evil organization so my guess is she’s not around much either. Clearly Ryounousuke considers his family to be embarrassing as he doesn’t even call his parents mother and father, but by their names O.o O mean I assume he’s the son…. lol. I also like how Kyusaku speaks with the Osakan dialect at times…because I think Osakan is cool and the people from Osaka are very friendly.

Kaien Cross from Vampire Knight: Again, haven’t read very much of this series, or watched it so you no give me spoilers….unless I ask for them…. wikipedia is hard enough to avoid spoiler from! Anyway, I like these eccentric characters whose personalities annoy the heck out of people. I also like him because he is a pacifist (like me^^) and believes that Vampires and humans can co-exist peacefully (like me). He adopted Yuki and Zero and that is very sweet and caring of him…I don’t know his backstory yet but I figure he has a more serious and perhaps even darker side to him so…yeah, we’ll see what happens…one day when I either get back to a point where I can afford to buy manga or can read it online without the whole ‘this manga is licensed’ stuff… I am so bad…I try to do good but I am poor-ish. -_-.

Charles zi Britannia from Code Geass: EPIC FAN RAGE…. This guy….I do not like him because well… despite me being greatful that because of him Lelouch and Nunnally exist he is a terrible father beyond terrible fathers! I mean forcing his own children into exile… making them believe that their mother was dead, forcing Nunnally to be a witness by rewriting her memories and making her crippled and blind… and then everything his people did to the Japanese… and rewriting Lelouch’s memories… and replacing Nunnally with Rolo (sorry I don’t like Rolo very strongly)… and being a puppet of his older brother’s… and doing all this crap claiming that it was ‘to protect Lelouch and Nunnally’ I agree with every word Lelouch said about him! GRAAAAAAAA! *goes off to beat a pillow to a pulp*

Genbu Kururugi from Code Geass: Am I the only one who wanted to know more about this guy? I mean come on, he was the prime minister of Japan at one point! He was Suzaku’s father too… I want to know about his mother too whom I don’t know a single thing about… I want to know all about those responsible for making Suzaku… well, you know what I mean…

Hiro from Shin-chan: He’s actually not the best father…at all…he’s a drunkard…he’s kind of lazy…at least he works for a living… I like him though because he makes me laugh…still wish I could see Shin-chan in Japanese…just saying.

*trying to think of two more fathers for this list* Syaoran Li from Tsubasa: ha ha… it’s not cheating…no, it’s not! So yeah…if you didn’t read the spoiler warning above I will warn you again…spoiler warning… yesh…stop if you no want to know what happens in last Tsubasa volume and you don’t already know…I don’t need to explain it because it’s kind of complex but yeah Syaoran and possibly Sakura are his children but for the sake of the manga only revealing Syaoran to be his son let’s go with that. He just seems like a great father to me…to the point where he gave up I guess having a life and being able to touch his wife to make sure that his son was safe and he gave his son his own name and his sword to protect him from Fei Wang. I mean I dunno it just screams good father to me… I’m not just saying this because I am a Syaoran fan (yes you are…) He’s also one of the only Clamp fathers I find to be really attractive… lol…

Please use this space for a 10th father…. I ran out ><

Lol, hope you enjoyed my special father’s day post and all. Feel free as always to comment/leave feedback etc.