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I honestly feel that after watching Gundam shows and Code Geass

That Suzaku is Amuro Ray and Heero Yuy put into one person… well, in a way. I mean he looks like Amuro and Lancelot looks like the Gundam…( I know I am stteching but this is my feeling). He does whatever he needs to to accomplish his mission, even if he risks his life, since he as basically has a death wish. I am not saying Heero had a death wish per say but he has said before that he lives only to be a soldier…

So yeah…that was just my random making comparisons like a fangirl does sometimes… I know it’s farfetched but…I still feel it.


Tag your fandoms!


Tag your fandoms!

Characters who died (or otherwise dissappeared) preseries that I’d like to know better

From Gundam Wing:

Meilan Long/Nataku: Yes, we get a taste of what she was like from the manga and from Episode 0 but…honestly I wanted to know so much more about this woman and see an Anime appearance… like in flashback or something… I adore her and Wufei together and I just…it feels to much…my heart….

Heero Yuy (the original one): Don’t you guys wonder just a little about this guy? Yes we get to see his face and know what he stood for but honestly… I want to know all about this important person who Heero was named after…I mean the main character is named after him! It needs to happen, somehow I want to know more about this person…I know he’s not like our Heero but still… I wanna know.

Solo: I just have the most beautiful image of Solo and ‘kid’ together and I just want to know more about this kid that Duo admired enough to name himself after, well you know what I mean… He’s really important to Duo therefore he is important to me and I wanted to see more of him, episode 0 just kind of touched on him lightly…very lightly and I was mad actually…”That’s nice…needs more Solo” XD I said after recovering from my heart-breaking feels.

The other members of Solo’s gang: Really…even their names would have been nice… I mean…it wasn’t just Solo and Duo right? What are the other kids like? I want to know, I don’t care what you say…I must know.

Code Geass:

Naoto Kouzuki: Kallen’s older brother who started up the resistance group against Britannia, it was Ougi who took over after his friend passed away to fulfill his wishes. Not only is this man important to me because of starting what would later turn into the black knights with Zero’s involvement but also because he helped shape Kallen into the wonderful person she is. Clearly, he must have died on the battlefield as the show seems to hint at…but I wanted to know more about just what kind of man Naoto was.

Suzaku’s mother: Because reasons…he clearly had a mother right? We know about the father so um…how about his mother? IDK I have a lot of headcanon about her but I want to know how much of it is correct and how much isn’t…yes please…Suzaku’s mother, just a mention of who she was would be nice, just a mention…

This is it for now, until my brain comes up with more…sorry for Fandom overload.


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Reasons Why We Love Lelouch Lamperouge


1. He’s a caring big brother.

Code Geass -- Lelouch

2. …and he flipped out when Code Geass -- Lelouch

he thought Nunnally had died.

3. He’s hot as a neko.

Code Geass -- Lelouch

4. He can’t exercise worth shit.

Code Geass -- Lelouch, Suzaku

5. He’s better than you at chess.

Code Geass -- Lelouch

6. He’s kind of evil. And he’s kind of crazy.

Code Geass -- Lelouch

7. But he makes you like it because he’s just that big of a badass.

Code Geass -- Lelouch

~ Zumester


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