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euphie x suzaku~

Yay! Okay here we go! Who holds?: The umbrella, when it rains - Suzaku, except for in cases where Suzaku leaves on his own first in which case it’s common for Euphi to chase after him because he forgot his umbrella and she doesn’t want him catching a cold. The popcorn at the cinema – Suzaku, Euphie usually only takes a few pieces, she’s not a huge fan of buttery popcorn but lets Suzaku get it that way since he likes it. The baby, when it cries – both, they take turns caring for their child but sometimes Suzaku does get swamped at work so he tries to take care of their daughter even more often on his days off. The ice cream cone, when they share – Suzaku (he tends to get ice cream on his nose a lot) The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie – again, something they take turns with. Suzaku knows his taste in movies is a little different from Euphie’s so they take turns deciding on their ‘movie nights’ The basket, when they go shopping - Euphie The door, on dates – Suzaku The other’s hand, most often – Euphie, she’s a little more used to PDA than Suzaku is. Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day – Euphie, though I’m sure they’re both equally nervous/excited. The camera, when they take pictures together – Suzaku, though Euphie knows how to do it if she wants to.

Fandom Ask: Code Geass, SnK, YGO

Okay, sounds like fun!

Code Geass:

  • Favourite Female: Euphie il Britannia
  • Favourite Male:  Suzaku Kururugi
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: Lelouch, Shirley,C.C.
  • 3 OTPs: LelouchXSuzaku, SuzakuXEuphie, LelouchXShirley
  • Notp: LelouchXRolo
  • Funniest character: Rivalz
  • Prettiest character: Nunnally
  • Most Annoying Character Marieanne (at least after I finally saw her in person)
  • Most badass character: Suzaku
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: hmmm probably Suzaku because he’s such a loyal friend
  • Female Character I’d Marry: Nunnally or Euhpie (sorry Lelouch)
  • Male Character I’d Marry: Suzaku, again because he’d be very loyal.
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like:  Rolo

Shingeki no Kyojin:

  • Favourite Female: Hanji Zoe (can’t do the symbol here sadly)
  • Favourite Male: Levi Ackerman
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: Armin, Erwin, Petra
  • 3 OTPs: LeviXHanji, LeviXErwin, JeanXMarco
  • Notp: I don’t know if this is a ship but since I only rivalry ship it Erene and Jean?
  • Funniest character: ehh..this one’s hard..I guess Sasha?
  • Prettiest character:Mikasa and Petra kinda tie for me
  • Most Annoying Character: I don”t remember her name was it Hitch or something like that?
  • Most badass character: Levi…
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: Armin
  • Female Character I’d Marry: Hanji (is it ok to count her as female for this list?)
  • Male Character I’d Marry: ummm I want to say Levi but I think I’d drive him nuts actually but I don’t know any other male character I’d marry ^^;;
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: Reiner…sorry he just did nothing for me…then all the sudden I had a reason to really dislike him…so yeah…


  • Favourite Female:  Probably a tie between Mai and Shizuka ATM
  • Favourite Male: I change my mind a lot but it’s currently Seto Kaiba, usually also Atem or Yuugi.
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: Katsuya Jounounchi, Malik Ishtar, Anzu Mazaki
  • 3 OTPs: YuugiXAtem (kinda a guilty ship), SetoXJounounchi, SetoXKisara
  • Notp: BakuraXYami Bakura (that just never sat right with me and seemed way to abusive)
  • Funniest character: Jounounchi
  • Prettiest character: Shizuka
  • Most Annoying Character: Rebcca Hawking…her crush on Yuugi isn’t cute at all
  • Most badass character: Seto Kaiba
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: Yuugi
  • Female Character I’d Marry: I don’t know really… umm I guess either Isis or maybe Shizuka…if Jounounchi wouldn’t murder me…
  • Male Character I’d Marry: hmmmmmm I guess Jounounchi would be the safest. I think Seto would be too busy for me to spend time with him and wel I don’t want to marry Yuugi even though I like him so…yeah..
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: Yami Malik…he just…creeps me out..
A list of my active RP blogs

I’m sorry I know I am being a pain with this, and that I have a link for this on my blog but I want to try to get the word out for my RP blogs a little, especially since some of them are a little on the dead side so apologies and thank you for putting up with me. You can follow them even if you aren’t an RP blog but I am always looking for more people to RP or just chat with IC. I will try to make this the last time I advertise for a while.

Code Geass:

Suzaku Kururugi:

Gundam Wing:

Heero Yuy:

Duo Maxwell:

Trowa Barton:

Chang Wufei:

Gundam 00:

Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy):

Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle:


Note: all these blogs are AU and OC friendly and also accept asks, thanks!

Okay bedtime

And actually I ended up playing Code Geass Lost colors earlier…

I became a Black Knight…somehow.. oh and my guy has a Geass that is a lot like Lelouch’s…somehow…idk how…

And I’ve managed to make Lelouch slightly uncomfortable since I am too brotherly to his sister… but I’ve impressed Zero…and I’m not supposed to know he’s Lelouch yet so yeah… shhh don’t tell me

But now it is time for bed yes.

Happy birthday Lelouch vi Britannia!

You are one of many people who have changed my life and given me inspiration. I am sadly too tired to write a poem dedicated to you but I will wish you well anyway.

On my adventures in watching Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei this happened.

On my adventures in watching Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei this happened.

So sometimes I go to say Kanda but I should be saying Allen and end up saying Kallen

I should stop confusing my fandoms like that…

Possible AUs I want to do (either through RP or fiction…if I ever can actually write decently)

Just some little AU ideas that I’d love to be able to try someday, not sure if anything will ever come of them but…of course not all of these are AU per say, some of them could be applied to the actual verse but I tried to keep it do the AU ideas.

Gundam Wing:

  • high school (because who doesn’t want to do that one?)
  • Duo is a JPOP Singer (Don’t you dare judge me!)
  • Heero, Duo, Wufei or any of the main charas have to cross dress for a mission. (the first three names are my top choices though)
  • Someone besides Trowa gets amnesia
  • Solo is still alive and reunites with Duo (My feels need some more assaulting)
  • Wufei is a college professor
  • Something involving gender bending
  • I don’t know what yet but something involving Nanashi because I love that kid. (a.k.a. Trowa as a kid)
  • You may already know this one but PANTHER WUFEI
  • Trowa never got separated from his family and doesn’t get involved in operation meteor (therefor probably doesn’t have the name Trowa either, I’d think of some way for him to meet the others…somehow…)

Gundam 00: (if I ever get an RP blog for it)

  • Tieria is a sex doll/some kind of pleasure robot (it has to happen at least once!)
  • I…that’s all I got so far… I will probably think of more when I watch more…

Code Geass:

  •  AU where the Britannians were even more oppressive to the Japanese and are forced to work as servants to the Britannians
  • Suzaku and Lelouch role reversal (Suzaku being the exiled royalty and Lelouch being a sodier for those who oppressed him)
  • Suzaku agrees to join the black knights

That’s all I got so far but if I get more I will let you know.  You can give feedback or whatever if you like.

A possible AMV project when I have more time

The only one by Evanscene put to Code Geass R2 clips

Though it could be used for Gundam Wing too *shot*

More so than that though Code Geass R2, perhaps fans will understand why I think of Code Geass R2 when I think of that song.

Going to shamelessly promote again because my RP blogs are too quiet

Here are my current muses:

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Even if you don’t RP feel free to send any of them questions or anons…if you do RP you can also feel free to ask for an RP… I know I suck at starters and coming up with plots but I try my best so…

Yeah, just doing this because