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The only one by Evanscene put to Code Geass R2 clips

Though it could be used for Gundam Wing too *shot*

More so than that though Code Geass R2, perhaps fans will understand why I think of Code Geass R2 when I think of that song.

Happy Birthday Nunally!

Today is October 25th and that means…Nunally’s birthday! YAY! Happy Birthday to you you wonderful little sister you! (Meaning she’s a wonderful little sister, not mine though… lol sounded weird) Nunally is one of my favorite Code Geass characters and I feel like sometimes she isn’t given enough love and sometimes even given hate. The thing with Nunally though is she never asked to be forcefully traumitized into being blind and crippled and she never asked everyone to take care of her, she pulled her own weight as best she could and wasn’t a victim to the circumstances she was placed in and therefore I always view Nunnally as a strong character who I will always love and admire.

She also did many things in R2 that make her memoriable and I really wish she had a bigger role in Code Geass but I think with the role she was given she did very well. Before I start repeating myself a million times, I love Nunnally and hope she has the best birthday ever. There’s one more Code Geass character whose birthday it is and I think I should at least say Happy Birthday to him though I do not like him much…yeah Happy birthday to you too Rolo…

Possible Parralels between Gundam Wing and Code Geass

Obviously when I get around to watching Gundam Wing in full and watching it at all I will be able to do a detailed and professional comparison and all that stuff but for now I will do little things that don’t require me to rewatch both Anime since that’s kind of hard to do in Japan and without the DVDs (First of all I don’t even own Gundam Wing DVDs…*heart breaks*). So this will consist of character stuff and not touch much on story/plot and the mecha details.If there is an interest I will post later… and this time I’ll try to remember tags and pictures…must get back to adding pictures…hopefully the internet here will cooperate.If you happen to disagree with what I’m saying it is fine but pleases be polite and respect my opinions that are in no way supposed to be regarded as facts.

Anyway, Hiro Yui (that’s how I spell his name since I kind of like that better than the odd way it is actually spelled, sorry) is the main character…well the main main character I guess… I don’t know much about his background yet and when I do I’ll be able to do better at this but there are some similarities between him and Suzaku. First of all, they are both of Japanese decent (what? it is a similarity right?) but more notably than that I realized right off the bat that they both have a strong disregard for their own safety. For Hiro high importance is placed on his mission above his own safety and in many ways he can be seen as having a death wish at many times in the series.

Suzaku literally has a death wish, caring about his mission and the safety of others above ensuring his own safety and does have the hope in the back of his mind that he will die in the line of duty. I cannot really say whether Hiro actually has a death wish or whether he just doesn’t care whether he lives or dies… again I have to wait till I can analyze further. I also noticed initially there was somewhat of a similiarity between the two when it comes to hidding personal emotions. I quickly realized though that Suzaku is a lot more emotional on the battle field so  I sort of abanodned this theory though I suppose they both have a strong sense of obligation towards fighting and their missions even if they are for quite different reasons. For example: Suzaku’s working on the enemy side hoping it will change from within, Hiro is working against the enemy so…no similiarty there I guess…

Something I need to talk about that is a little less detailed and maybe lighter in subject is a parallel I noticed between Suzaku and Gino with Hiro and Duo. This is actually completely based on fan observation and I doubt it is officially a parallel. Duo Maxwell is probably among the more optimistic members of the resistance (name?) in Gundam Wing, well known for being laid-back, energetic, and almost always wearing a smile (except for obvious time he has reasons to be upset), he’s sort of like the member of the group who knows how to have fun and is there trying to get everyone to loosen up, yet of course he can still be serious. Gino had a similar feel to me initially as he seemed to always be optimistic and playful even in a few scenes when other characters just weren’t that happy, but he again can be serious and you don’t want to cross him on the battlefield either. So the first similarity I notice is that their personalities are similar in that respect.

Second of all, and this is a stretch and I mean a stretch… but they both have braided hair (lol, sound argument I’ve got righ? XD). I do not known enough about Gino’s background to say if his upbringing or past is similar to Duo’s so that will have to wait till another tine. This third one is again just my fan self talking but I noticed how Gino is all chummy (is that the right word?) with Suzaku and Suzaku doesn’t seem interested in really forming any kind of close friendship (at least not visibly) with him and is often too focused on the mission at hand or his hatred for Zero to really even notice half the time. With Duo and Hiro I always loved their friendship because Duo would be really friendly towards Hiro despite their rocky start and Hiro would just seem focused on the mission and even at times seemed slightly annoyed at Duo. Yet in both of these cases you could argue that a close friendship exists without it necessarily needing to be visually obvious. I honestly feel that when the chips are down Suzaku would come to aid Gino and I feel the same way with Hiro and Duo.

That’s all I have for now, sorry that it’s so random and unorganized and not covering much at all… when I am able to analyze everything someday…far off into the future I will be able to give you a better comparsion probably of many things and it may seem to fit better. Sometimes you can never know with these things because the companies of Bandai and Sunrise have such a vast collection of shows that branch out so far that you’d have to really be patient and diligient to notice everything and connect everything. I highly doubt I am one of those people and strongly admire that person who can if he/she exists out there somewhere… you can let me know what you think and please let me know if you’d be interested in reading posts about these two… I will probably do official blog entries when I on ocassion get the inspiration and time to do so. This is not easy with going to school and visiting places in Japan…lol, anyway, thanks for reading~

P.S.: Sorry for the pics being too big and odd sized, for some reason it’s not letting me resize pics today… :(

10 Anime Characters I would date

Hey guys, I’ll be in Japan soon… like two days so I figured I’d do a top 10 before I get too busy to post much on here and before my blog becomes a plethora of all the pictures I am planning to take, if this post has more typos that usual it’s because I am using my laptop and not my desktop since it kind of shut down and won’t start up again… we need a reboot disc otherwise… *sniffles* no, I’m not going to think about it! Anyway, I have to type slower with this since I am not as great with laptop keyboards (watch this has less typos than my other entry and people wonder what on earth I’m talking about…) Anyway, I am going to list top 10 Anime characters I would date, in no particular ranking, so just listed…cause it’s too cruel for me to decide between some of them… Either sometime today or tomorrow I will try to do one for video game characters but we’ll see what happens… Let’s get going already.(P.S. Sorry, didn’t resize pics this time…cause I kinda lazy…)

1. Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass: His looks are one thing, I mean he’s so beautifully handsome and sexy, his features are perfect…lol but beyond that we have his personality. Lelouch is very complex and throughout the series we are often forced to wonder about his true motives when even he seems lost about his motives. For me personally I was loyaly following Lelouch and in later R2 I got mad at him starting to believe he had lost it but then realized he hadn’t and this was all part of his plan and then my heart got ripped out and I was on the floor sobbing begging for forgivness because all along he was the same old Lelouch…. Anyway, I’d really date him, he’s mysterious and fun and unpredictable (for the most part…)

2. Syaoran Li from Tsubasa Chronicle: Only because he’s like the most loyal lover ever yo be born! I mean this guy is so self-less and he’s really attractive as well. Why do you think I call him my little wolf? (emphasis on the my) Syaoran fights to protect Sakura without expecting anything in return and even though he loves her and knows that it’s very likely she won’t return his feelings he still fights to protect her and ensure that he can see her smile. If I was the one who had Syaoran’s heart (in a universe where Sakura doesn’t exist because I’d never take him away from her) I’d be taken care of and I”m sure he’d impress my parents right away, with his polite, soft-spoken demeanor yet he  can be assertive when he needs to be. I know that’s werid to say but it’s important… I also imagine he’d be very romantic when he needs to be ^~.

3. Hatsuharu Souma from Fruits Basket: This is again assuming I wouldn’t be taking him away from the one he loves… When I first saw Haru in the Anime I thought he looked like Gackt (not kidding…) so I guess that was a plus… also his white side is really cute and he’s a loyal lover, his black side is a little scary and would take some getting used to…like a lot but he’s cool and has a fun side as well (Black Haru has made me laugh a few times). Haru is attractive and he’s probably the only person I’ve seen make riding a bicycle look cool ( I know it was there as a joke but doesn’t he still look cool somehow?) I realize I’d have to date him post-series and again assuming I don’t take him from a certain Mare whom I respect very much. You manga fans know what I’m talking about!

4. Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass: You knew this was coming, like Lelouch Suzaku has given me emotional ups and downs with my opinions about him. I love him and understand what he does when he does things that I am not happy about so I can’t say I ever truly hates him but just got mad at him as I would with a friend. He’s datable not only because of his looks (people compare him to Syaoran, I think that he’s more like Syaoran in personality than looks personally though) but because of his personality, again he is a loyal knight, something that Syaoran and him have in common that I forgot to metion about Syaoran…other than the loyal lover thing…is that he punishes himself often and takes full responsibility even for things that aren’t his fault. He is atoning for the sins he commited in the past and that takes a great amount of responsibility, yes originally he wanted to escape it all but once that changed he fully embraced his new responsibility (trying to be vague to avoid putting a spoiler warning). He’s darn cute personality wise too! He’s agreeable and does what he’s asked without much question, often keeping his opinions to himself. True story… I was reading a book about the nature of the Japanese people but I couldn’t stop thinking that somehow they were describing Suzaku (In terms of keeping opinons to yourself, please don’t read into that wrong)..ah I’m such a fan girl.

5. Seiji Date from Samurai Troopers (Sage from Ronin Warriors): I loved this show when it was on Cartoon Network though I realize I love the Japanese version even more now that I’ve seen it… Anyway, the first episode I saw was for the intrduction of Seiji Date (whom we called Sage…cause he’s in green I guess) and naturally I thought he was pretty cool… he used lightening as that was his natural element and he was asleep in a mountain… how cool is that? Of course he was attractive and I was drawn towards his slightly mysterious personality, he seems to always be one of the more level-headed in the group…but I dunno since I haven’t seen many episodes sadly :(. He also made me think of Sheik from Legend of Zelda who I had a crush on at that time so…yeah…I’m sure that he’d treat a girl well as he seems like a gentleman… his last name is Date (which is pronounced dah-teh) which at first I was like…what a coincidence he’s datable because of his last name (JK, I love his name really…it reminds us that we should pronounce Japanese names correctly or otherwise it’ll be awkward…we’ll be naming a guy Sage date, so like a green date..) Okay, I’m done ranting…

6. Tsuzuki Asato from Yami no Matsuei: Tsuzuki so so adorable, yes he has handsome features but his personality is soooo cute! He’s a very loyal partner despite having his own dark past and I feel like he’d look out for me if I really was dating him. He has a love for sweets and I don’t like things that are too sweet but I have a love for Apple pie just like he does so I could see us going to a cafe for lunch and eating some hot apple pie after the meal and mutually admiring how yummy it is. Just in general I think Tsuzuki would be a fun person to date or even just to hang out with but he’d be there for me when the chips were down. We both have a terrible sense of direction though so we’d probably end up wandering around without knowing where we are… maybe I’d have to have him bring Hisoka just so we don’t get lost…lol

7. Muto Yuugi from Yuugiou: Yuugi is just the cutest guy ever! I wanna take him and snuggle him into my arms. He’s not appreciated enough because often times he’s overshadowed by his darker half (who I love very very much but at the same amount I love Yuugi). Yuugi has been considered childish by others and that is actually why I think we’d get along… I am actually a lot like him despite sucking at Duel Monsters. Yuugi and I are both loyal to our friends but have low-self esteems and we both love playing video games (especially fighting games) and I could imagine us sitting there for hours playing Tekken or Street Figther, or Soul Caliber or Dead or Alive… and maybe he’d give me pointers on how to be a better duelist. I’m sure I’d have tons of fun with Yuugi since we’d play games most of the time lol… and he’s fairly innocent so I wouldn’t have to worry about him getting me into any trouble.

8. Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist: Ed’s just that awesome…again I wouldn’t wanna take him from his girl but assuming we would date. Ed is attractive like everyone on this list is. He is also a protective and loyal brother which I really admire and I assume he’d act that way towards the one he loves. He may not always openly say he loves me and depend on our interactions to be the determining factor but I am sure that I’d never doubt his feelings for me. He’s got a playful and fun side to him that I imagine would be fun and he’s very wise and strong so I’d trust him to keep me safe. Also, I am senstivie about my height as well so I’d never ever call him short or use any other terms that refrence his height since that would be like making fun of myself so I think he’d appreciate that… Also I don’t like milk either so he wouldn’t have to worry…haha.

9. Shirley Fennette from Code Geass: I probably spelled her last name wrong and I know not everyone likes her but tough. Shirley has a wonderful personality and she was very accepting towards Lelouch before and after she knew he was Zero and even knowing that he indirectly killed her father. I mean sure, there was pain and anger there but she could have easily said goodbye but when she remembered everything she wanted just to reach out to Lelouch and help him since she knew he was all alone. If I was in Lelouch’s shoes(OMG) or just a person she felt that way for I’d be very lucky. She’s one of the most understanding and sweet females in Anime I have seen ( I said one of…don’t be upset) and she’s beautiful looks wise too…so over all she’s just a wonderful choice.I think that she’d be fun to date and hang out with and also be someone I’d trust with my secrets since I could have faith that she’d try to work things out with me.

10. Sakura Kinomoto from Tsubasa Chronicle: Sakura has always been a very cute character since CCS and into Tsubasa as well. She is somehat naive but still very caring and wishes to do everything she can despite not being able to fight much (speaking about Tsubasa plot now) and not even remembering everything. She’s made many sacrifises to protect those she loves and I feel that makes very very trustworthy. I think that Sakura and I would have a lot of fun on dates and that I’d probably be overcome by her pure cutenss…again this is assuming that dating her would not be taking her from Syaoran (can I have them both?)

Thanks for reading this entry and putting up with my fan-ranting-love-fest if you made it to this point and didn’t go “Eww, she’s fangirling” and went to a new page…lol. Yes, I have both male and female characters on here, yes… I’d really date either… no I don’t care if you have a problem with that… thanks for reading and you can give me comments and feedback…please just be courteous.

Songs and the couples I ship! YAY

I am going to work on a list of some songs that make me think of my OTPs or the couples I ship… it will be random and on going because I have to do it when I have time and when I think of stuff… I have to go get dressed soon…procrastination…yep yep…Please note these are my opinions and my music selections so if you don’t agree or like the music it’s fine just don’t chew me out over it! I have my own opinions…thanks.

Anyway, Suzaku X Lelouch songs, or songs that make me think of them:

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga and Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga- I put these two together since they’ll be the only Lady Gaga songs on this list… probably more the 2nd than the first if you don’t take the song literally and symbolic instead. I dunno it makes me think of later R2 and how Suzaku was forced into being the new Zero after he….*tears up* n-never mind.

Do or Die by Namie Amuro- This song is a love song and it’s about trying your fortune and gambling, if Lelouch and Suzaku really were together it’d be quite a gamble wouldn’t it? ^~

Lacrymosa by Evanescence- This song reminds me of a lot of different pairings I like on the more tragic end but I think it also fits Suzaku and Lelouch based on setting guilt free and all that… I dunno.

I’ll write more later but this is about all I can think of since I am tired, once I have time to go through my songs I will be back to write more…yep, hopefully people will enjoy this somewhat… lol

Happy Birthday Suzaku, with a little reflection

It’s Suzaku’s birthday today and despite being busy I took the time to do this….ahh because it’s Suzaku! Happy Birthday to Suzaku Kururugi! Suzaku has made so many sacrifices and has basically chosen to live a life of suffering (until later he didn’t really have a choice and was condemned to do so by someone). I’m not even sure if I can properly describe him but Suzaku is my favorite character in the series (he ties with Lelouch) and even though I’d have moments where I was angry…and I mean really angry at things he did I never really stopped loving him and even to this day I can relate to Suzaku as a character.

Today I saw a post on the Code Geass tab where of all days someone picked today to complain about not seeing why everyone loves Suzaku so much because he/she couldn’t forgive Suzaku for everything he’s done. I find this argument to be very weak because the person didn’t state the specific examples first of all and second of all, I understood why Suzaku did what he did half the time even if I didn’t agree. I was trying to think back in my mind of the things Suzaku could have done to bother people. The following is my interpretation and my own opinions and is in now way meant to be taken as 100% fact and it’s fine to disagree with me.

The second part of this post will be about reasons I love Suzaku or whatever else I want to write

Becoming a Britanian solider: Well…I figured some fans could hate him for this because the Japanese hate him for it after all. Not only is Suzaku Kururugi Japanese but he’s son of the former prime minister and therefore becoming a Honorary Britanian in order to fight on the Britanian side is a understandable reason for his family to pretty much disown him viewing him as a traitor and I suppose some fans could hate him for this but I kind of doubt it since this is more or less part of the back story. I happen to find his back story very fascinating.

Killing his father: Again, part of the back story and not exactly a reason to hate him unless people think that certain events could have been avoided had Genbu Kururugi lived. Besides Suzaku did this feeling that he’d be stopping his father from making a grave mistake, he was basically protecting his people and in the end he punished himself for doing this.

Having a death wish: With the whole hype of so called “Emo” characters who are those characters who suffer and complain a lot and feel life isn’t worth living, it is possible that people falsely categorize Suzaku in this category because of his wish to die. After all, it is true that Suzaku joined the amry to change the system from within but there is the side benefit of the danger of being placed in the battlefield. Suzaku knows that since he is the ‘eleven’ in the army that his safety is not regarded in as high priority as say the Britanian soldiers. Through most of season 1 Suzaku simply wanted to die which was why he accepted dangerous missions without any concern for his safety. The thing is, I often view ‘emo’ characters or whatever you like to call them as people who basically whine and complain about thier lives all the while doing noting about the situation or existing for no other purpose. I will avoid using actual examples here as I’d hate to offend certain fandoms. Suzaku gain purpose later on in the series and especially after he can technically no longer die anyway, even before I felt like Suzaku had real goals and motives. His character went beyond the death wish so I’d never hate him for this quality.

Arresting Zero: So near the end of season 1 after the whole ‘massacre princess’ ordeal Suzaku more or less lost any ounce of respect he had ever had for Zero (if there was any to begin with…) and around that time he met V.V. who revealed to Suzaku who Zero really was. In the last episode of Code Geass Lelouch and Suzaku have a face off during which (stated simply) there’s a lot of angry words and hurt feelings tossed around. Suzaku says some pretty low stuff to Lelouch but in all fairness he had justified reasons for saying what he said. Looking at it from Suzaku’s point of view, your best friend from childhood, the one person you felt close to and felt as though you could trust with anything was actually your enemy this whole time, manipulating you behind your back, and using you and everyone you know and love for his own gain…not to mention he killed the one woman whom you truly loved!  If I was in his shoes I would have both said and done quite a few nasty things to get back at this friend. Therefore despite the pain I was in hearing his words I cannot and well not hold them against him.

In early R2 we find out that Suzaku has arrested ‘Zero’ and received a promotion to Knight of Seven for doing so. As his punishment Lelouch’s memories were rewritten and he was forced to live a quiet life without any recollection of having been Zero or been involved with the black knights. At that point Suzaku had basically sworn that he’d be the one to kill Zero *fan pain starts rising from chest* OW… and I can see how some fans probably viewed him as the enemy at this point (if they hadn’t already) and I did too for the most part.Yet, that being said I still understood why he felt that way and still couldn’t blame him at all.

His personality in general: Some people just don’t like his personality, whether they find him a pushover or too dense or they don’t like how he’s a masochist or polite or insert reasons here since I love Suzaku and can’t think about hating him for personality reasons.I think that Suzaku is a very caring and strong person who has suffered through a lot and I feel he’s doing pretty well considering all that. He doesn’t complain about doing things and always helps his friends when they are in need without even taking a breath. I cannot stay mad at someone who is like that. 

The last episode: Nothing needs to be said, you’d be rather cruel if you hated him for the last episode since it’s not his fault…he was asked to do so and he knew it needed to be done and accepted that.

Anyway, here are 10 things I love about Suzaku to finish off.

  1. He’s attractive
  2. I can relate to him
  3. His personality is likable
  4. His voice (Japanese version only)
  5. we have the same eye color and hair color
  6. His eyes are attractive
  7. He’s a loyal friend and a hard worker
  8. He’s mostly selfless
  9. Interesting back story
  10. Everything not mentioned in 1- 9

So Thanks for reading my post and I hope you guys enjoyed, feel free to comment, leave feedback, etc. I could have gone on longer but you know… it would be too long that way. Happy Birthday Suzaku! If we weren’t going by the Code Geass timeline you’d be 12…lol but we aren’t going by our timeline so you aren’t. Yay! Success… this post…it’s done…

P.S.: Yes two events weren’t covered and one wasn’t given in detail because of emotions and the fact that I didn’t want to go on and on and on but yeah…

P.S.S.: I realize Suzaku isn’t smiling in very many of this pictures…sorry about that… Also I apologize if I’ve caused any of you to experience any form of P.C.S.D. from reading about some of these events.  (Post Code Geass Stress Disorder)

P.S.S.S: SPOILER WARNING Sort of yeah…

My Suzaku cosplay came!

Here are some teaser pics of it… I don’t really have my hair done properly yet and I don’t have the arm warmers on because we need to adjust them but figured I’d post some teaser pics :) When I have the whole thing I’m sure it’ll look better, you’ll have to wait to see full body pics too ^~

Happy Birthday Shirley

Happy Birthday to Shirley Fenette from Code Geass and Code Geass R2! You will always be a favorite character of mine for how selflessly you loved Lelouch even after knowing he was Zero and that he indirectly caused your father’s death. I also think you are pretty and cute but you also understand a lot more than you give yourself credit for. YAY! Happy Birthday!

Also, I just shamelessly advertised myself to a fellow Code Geass fan in a message so why don’t I do more shameless advertising… I have a Suzaku account now for an RP group and well… you may follow and ask questions if you’d like. It’s still relatively new so I haven’t done too much but yeah..check it out will you?

P.S. Sorry the photo is depressing….it’s the only one I have right now…

Random emotional Code Geass R2, Lelouch stuff.

Warning: if you haven’t watch the end of R2 and are very good at putting 2 and 2 together you might not want to read this random emotional update thingie… if you think you will have no idea what I mean or have already seen the end please feel free to do so. Also if you understand the picture… erm I’m sorry.

You see I own all the main Code Geass soundtracks, that is OST 1 and 2 for season 1 and 1 and 2 for Season 2… I own the complete best and character best but yes… I just needed to say that after the end of Code Geass R2 it too me half a year before I could even listen to Continued Story without turning into an emotional wreck complete with flashbacks and heart pain and respect for Lelouch and the regret of ever questioning him and more heart pain and feels and salty tears and 10 minute sob fests (Please note that seeing it causes me 15-20 minutes of sob fests and an hour later of tearing up and asking why to inanimate objects) and then feeling lonely and worthless…

Currently I am able to listen to the song as long as I don’t let my memories of imagination flow and now that I have discovered the BGM that played during the final scene when Lelouch ____ *censored by spoiler police* I am now facing issues with coping when that BGM plays. Yet despite all of this I like the ending of the series and fully accept it for what it is. 


P.S.: Hey…make a Suzaku character song… I think you guys think it would be too epic and you are afraid you can’t handle it but it must be done! For the sake of not seeming like you are discriminating against Suzaku…believe me he wouldn’t stand up for himself on something silly like that so I will! Make a character song for Suzaku now!!!

P.S.S.: I am kind of talking to the company or staff or whoever in that P.S. note