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Fangirl Happiness

When I realized I learned the first Kanji in Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch… ‘Han’… it means violation and I was staring at the board…”HEY…I’ve seen that…it’s the first part of rebellion in the Code Geass title”  I was giddy for the next two hours or so over that little fact… such a Code Geass Otaku… now just to learn the 2nd Kanji…. *sighs* no more Kanji this semester so I’ll have to look it up on my own -_-.

We also ate Mochi :3…and yesterday one of my classmates was required to bring manga in because she needed the class to see a visual of modern manga…also found out almost everyone in my  Modern East Asian Civ. class reads manga…she had us raise our hands if we read manga… oh the amount of hands was liberating!

P.S.: Here’s the Japanese tittle if you haven’t seen it… the first Kanji you see (after the ス is the one we learned in class..)