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Okay guys, I wanna write something or answer questions about a topic or rant or something so

Please give me suggestions… I will give it till about 2 this afternoon to see if I get any suggestions and maybe I’ll write something based on those suggestions. You can request fandom related things, ship related things, RL related things, you can request me to do something with my voice like talk or sing or imitate someone (though I warn you my imitations aren’t great, um…you can request headcanon related thing or chara related things, I am not really good enough at drawing to really take drawing requests unless it’s pretty simple…but um… I guess you can suggest anything and I’ll let you know what I think…

I might do this from time to time cause I want people to enjoy my blog and interact with me and stuff so yeah…Please don’t be shy to request anything.

So this aweosme conversation happened while setting up internet on my laptop at school
Me: *sits next to student assistant and casual starts up computer*
*desktop wallpaper loads*
Student: Oh, Trowa?
Me: *pleased grin* oh you know him?
Student: ah yes he has the
Me: Heavy Arms
Student: Yes, heavy
Me: You like Gundam Wing?
Studen: Yes, I like the Wing Gundam...Heero
Me: *wider grin* Yes...
Student: I also like Sandrock
Me: *nod nod* YES
Student: Quatre?
Me: Oh I love Quatre, oh...while I was here I bought the Sandrock and Altron.
Studen: hmm...Altron...ah Wufei...he is...a strong character...
Me: <3 He certainly is
There are Seiyuu

And then there are those Seiyuu that voice all of your favorite characters.

Like one single seiyuu voicing 5+ of your favorite character

and when you realize that…

life is never the same again.


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