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Real talk? Why isn’t Kid Icarus an anime? I would watch the crap out of that show.



how does that happen on 25 years?

graceful aging/ the sexyifying on modern video games… ^_^


how does that happen on 25 years?

graceful aging/ the sexyifying on modern video games… ^_^

Nobuyuki Hiyama, the original voice of Link

Also voices 08 MS’s main character Shiro Amada, I knew that voice was wonderfully familiar and now I have fan pain…why Nintendo? Why you no have Hiyama voicing anymore? His voice is wonderful… he also did Nightmare and Siegfried from Soul Calibur and other voices that I don’t yet know but more importantly he will always be Link to me! The two other guys…they aren’t quite Link and they are fine and all but to me Nobuyuki Hiyama is Link…oh….my fan feels and pain…I miss you Hiyama-sama!

To all Fellow Kid Icarus Uprising fans

UWAH! I love tihs game Dang it! I bought the 3DS mostly for this game and it was SOO worth it! It’s so much fun, at first playing it I was all like “AHHH What am I doing? I’m going to die!” *epic screaming* but then I got the hang of it. This game is so beautifully done and the characters, even the villains are cute and fun. I mean look how they handeled Medusa right? Dark Pit is like the Shadow to Pit’s Sonic. I mean… he’s the same type of anti-hero I guess. Also, I must know… am I the only one who ships Dark Pit and Medusa? I already ship Pit and Palutena and I know people ship them but…

Seriously, Medusa and Dark Pit… it must be done! Would Medusa and Pit be too unwordly? …It”s the darn game’s fault for making her so sexy and the English voice for her…OMG, that makes her more sexy… Also, I love Pandora, she’s so much fun… Okay, fan rant over. If you guys ship Dark Pit and Medusa let me know! Or just…you know…message me…even if you don’t but wanna talk or be fan like or yeah… I wonder if I’d be good at RPing as Pit… he seems to be different between game versions (same with Palutena) Hmm…

P.S.: Someone make a Kid Icarus Anime… NOW!

Randomness about Kirby, Moodrings, FMA…YESH

So yesterday my friend and I were watching Hoshi no Kirby together. I had honestly forgotten why I stopped watching our hacked up English version of that show because it was still cute despite edits because…well Kirby and well…Metaknight. Then it hit me after we watched the first two episodes… Kirby deals with a lot of abuse! I mean, it’s terrible what King Dedede and others put him through… I admire Kirby…I wouldn’t have put up with all the crap he put up with! Also, did you notice that Meta Knight’s eyes are sort of like a mood ring? I sort of miss mood rings… I would always end up taking them off though because they made my fingers feel heavy and hot… then I’d lose them since I always took them off…I don’t really wear rings much anymore….

Ha ha, my mind transitions randomly… maybe I should just do a sepearte post instead of trying to put all my thoughts into one post….nah… I’m going to be celebrating Sonic the Hedgehog’s b-day tomorrow. Any ideas of what I could do (on tumblr) to celebrate? If I get some ideas I’ll debate over them and chose one of them…if I get no ideas then oh well…I’ll just go with whatever I come up with…

On a FMA note, there are so many arguments for TV SHOW Versus Brotherhood TV show… You know though, there are pros and cons to both as I’ve watched both and compared some of the episodes side by side. I can’t remember all the little details but I know people say Brotherhood follows the manga better but…here’s the thing… Brotherhood also does it’s own stuff that isn’t in the manga…just like the TV show did…so yes, I noticed that Brotherhood tends not to ‘sugar coat’ like TV shows sometimes do when transitioning from manga to Anime but honestly…sometimes the TV Show was more cruel/depressing. Like Scar was actually less brutal with Shou’s daughter who was turned into a Chimera when he killed her in the brotherhood, And that scene did seem more like the manga than the TV show’s take on it…but still the TV show wasn’t lighter in any sense, I mean he kind of…I dunno destroyed the body or blew it up or something in the TV show whereas in the brotherhood he just killed her next to her father and the body was still in one piece. More Depressing? Yes… Darker? not really… I haven’t seen enough of both mediums to argue either way and honestly my take so far is both…they both have their strong emotional scenes, darkness, some gore, comedy, manga like scenes etc., but they both also have their fillers, their “That’s nothing like the manga!” moments, etc. so I honestly watch and am a fan of both. I like Roy’s voice in the Brotherhood better btw… cause he’s like my favorite seiyuu (referring to Miki Shinichirou, Mustang’s Japanese voice actor), honestly I am such a fan of Miki-sama that I like Mustang better in the Brotherhood just cause he’s voiced by him (Don’t worry I am a fan of the character either way!) ((Can’t make up your mind whether to call him Roy or Mustang can you?)) (XP) Also is it just me or in Japan…aren’t they both just called Fullmetal Alchemist or is that just me?

I hope my randomness doesn’t scare my followers out there…I appreciate all your love and following and goodness. I am sleepy now… I’ll be back if I think of something else to type… ha ha, I love how I started with Kirby and then ended up with FMA…ha ha…Oh and Otakon…there’s the great, experienced voice actor with a sexy voice and his name is Miki Shinichirou…you should like I dunno invite him to Otakon!!I’m done for now…good bye for now…

P.S. Give me feedback if y’like…if you wanna tell me why you support the TV Show, the Brotherhood, agree with supporting both…wanna talk about Miki Shinichriou…Meta Knight…Kirby…Moodrings… anything…just let me knows!

Day 16: Shipping Challenge

Day 16: What is the absolute worst pairing? I dunno…a lot of pairings are good and some are bad. I can’t say what is good and what is bad but I did see this really weird pairing between Marth from Fire Emblem and Saria from Legend of Zelda. My main question is…why? I mean sure Link could have introduced the two but how did it become a love relationship? I understand there are some crazy pairing ideas (Lelouch and Syaoran…make it happen now!) and that’s fine but I guess I think of Saria as a kid no matter how old her mind might be and if anything I’d pair her with young Link. I also see plenty of pairings with Marth and Pit, or Math, Ike, Roy, and Pit altogether. I could even see that crazy pairing before Marth and Saria…it’s not the worst pairing but it’s one I can’t see as working.I don’t really like Schenizel and Lelouch as a pairing so honorable mention on that one.

P.S.: No pictures for the first two because it’s hard to find tame fanarts sometimes…

P.S.S.: Somedays I can’t spell his name so no hate mail please…

Day 11: Shipping Challenge

Day 11: Who is your dream pairing? These questions are so similar that it’s hard to answer differently all the time! So I am going to probably list most if not all of my pairings by the end of this…. I’m going to go with a pairing that I’m not sure if it has a fan following or not but if it doesn’t it should! Pit and Palutenna from Kid Icarus.

Why? Pssh…like you even need to ask why! When watching the Anime style extra videos of Kid Icarus the Uprising online (cause I don’t have a 3DS which is fine cause I prefer the Japanese voices to English ones) I so wanted to see a hug or a kiss or something romantic…even if it was puppy love like… He’s a part of her army right? Isn’t he like a captain or something important too? I don’t really know/remember that well…anyway Pit is so cute and so is Paluttena so it just needs to happen…it would a dream come true if it happened…I am actually finding some fanart this time…yay! I’m not alone! YAY!

This wonderful fanart was drawn by o-yuki-san on deviant art so it’s not mine… here’s the link to the original fanart. If you stumble upon this post…please don’t kill me I wanted to use it so please…I take no credit for your fanart since I know who you are I sourced it..

P.S. I apparently am doing the same thing with Palutena’s name that I used to do with Pit’s and adding an extra ‘t’. I used to call Pit Pitt until I realized it was wrong…just realized that with Palutena too ^^;;

Day 10: Shipping Challenge

Day 10: Why aren’t these two married? There’s two of them that won…so I’ll talk about both…Warning: About to get into Nintendo Otakuness. The one with the most points is Link and Zelda from legend of Zelda.

(Picture is from some place like so it’s not mine and not official either)

I don’t care what your theory is…if you do the timeline thing, the multiple generations thing, the mulitple dimensions thing, or if it’s that whole “Link and Zelda are reincarnated because the hero is cursed” sort of thing…either way…there needs to be a dimension or game or something where these two get married! Why? Because I said so darn it! Now time for a funny story (I have one of the other choice too) when I first played Zelda II…you know how you start standing in front of the sleeping Zelda? Well, silly fangirl sugichan thought that Link was waking up from having been asleep and leaving the castle and that then we’d find out why we needed to save Hyrule. Please note I got the game used and not on virtual console (got it before the Wii existed) so I had no instruction booklet to give me the story of the game…when I later read it online my heart sank because I honestly thought for once Link had married Zelda…-_-.I love these two and I do not care if it’s too obvious or anything…I mean Link and Zelda= classic right? right? I sometimes wanted to be Link so then I could have Zelda…or not have her…cause yeah…it hasn’t happened yet…-_-. I do have a story idea where Link and Zelda are married and have a family which I’m sure that portion of it has been done….alot.

(Gotta show my support for the Mario Anime)

2nd choice: Mario and Peach from the Mario games. Cause seriously…why not? He’s always rescuing her…she’s always kissing him and making him blush like a school boy so…why hasn’t this relationship gone to marriage? I mean how old are they both now? Come on that would be awesome! I mean you could move Mario games into the future if you handle it properly…please handle it properly though…Which leads me to another funny story. I was some streange 12 year old you guys…I had convinced myself that at the beginning of Super Mario Sunshine that Mario and Peach were going on their honeymoon. I mean I figured Toadsworth could have been there for…I dunno moral support or to pay for the trip or something. So yeah, I was mad about their ‘honeymoon’ being interupted but just as with the first story…the instruction booklet set me straight. T_T Is it so bad to want to see two characters who clearly love each other be married?

Day 30: Video game challenge

Day 30: Best game of all time: um… The entire Legend of Zelda (official) series! Why? Because picking one of them is too hard!

I also picked this series because I love Link and all the unique characters in the games and the music and the gameplay and the weapons…and Link ^_^

P.S. I will probably start another challenge tomorrow so look forward to that…either characters or something lol.