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Sugi watches episode 17 and 18 of Gundam 00 (season 1)

This will be an unprofessional attempt at writing down my interactions to episodes of Gundam 00 that I have just finished watching, put under read more because of spoiler warnings and fan shenanigans. Please do not spoil me if you have seen more of the series than I have, keep in mind this is my first time watching the series.

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That moment when I realized that 2nd follower that I had lost back then

I really want to know why I lost that person!

I thought we got along well and that we were friends…oh well, the numbers don’t matter, what matters is that I still have followers and that I have fun on this blog… I am just ranting again, boredom does that.

Sugi is bummed out, dinner had mayo on it (can’t eat mayo) so now she is hungry, still has to read two volumes worth of manga for her class tomorrow and it’s cold again T_T
Ranting about being an Otaku, while in Japan

Author’s note: So, these opinions are mine, I didn’t look up an resources before writing this so this post contains my opinions and if some things are off it is probably because I wasn’t trying to write facts. Feedback is always welcome but do try to be connsiderate in the least even if you don’t like something I have said, thanks again. This is mostly just my frustrations and ranting lol.

 I don’t really like how it seems like both of my host mothers seemed to have a negative image of Otaku, I mean my first host mother considered Anime to be for children and she called me a child more than once which caused me to feel embarrassed and kinda of insulted by that. My current host mother isn’t around much but seems to view my interest in Anime and manga with a negative light. Mentioning going to Mandarake with friends, once she knew what it was made her ask if I had interest in going to Shrines and Temples as well, I didn’t appreciate the fact that just because I am interested in manga and Anime that she assumed I am only into that portion of Japan. I felt pressured to mention all the non-Anime related places I have been and I shouldn’t feel ashamed. She also mentioned to me how few Japanese people, besides kids, are into Anime but at Mandarake I saw plenty of Japanese college kids there, the last time I was there the only foreigners I saw were me and my friends so this is not always the case.

The term Otaku seems to refer to any activities that can keep you occupied on your own. Among the Anime, Manga, video games, etc. Den Den Town also sell motorcycle parts and little gadgets and gizmos, basically these stores appear to be a mechanic’s paradise. So yes, another type of Otaku here is the mechanic. I suppose whether you are at home tuning your bike, or working on a model kit, or watching Anime the fact is you are doing it alone and that seems to be frowned on, at least in part in Japanese society. Yet it seems like there are many stores, museums, public events, etc. for Otaku of various sorts so it seems a little confusing to me. I guess it is like anywhere, there is the side of society that frowns upon it and the side that openly accepts and encourages it. One other thing to mention before I finish, upon walking home that one time I went to Mandarake on my own, and I got the help of two Japanese college students to get to the station I conversed with them in Japanese and told them that I shopped too much, at one point in the conversation I told them, without reservation “I am an Otaku” One of the girls giggled and said “Me too.” and I said “Oh really?” I was excited, thinking that I had met a fellow Anime fan. What she told me next shocked me, she told me “I love Johnny’s” Now, Johnny’s is a term to refer to male pop groups that have been regruited and promoted by a talent agency known as Johnny & Associates. They basically promote boy band JPOP groups that are popular with many females.

So basically this girl was calling herself an Otaku based on being a fan of Japanese boy bands. I began to wonder if this meant that society viewed even something as simple and common as being a fanatic of certain bands and music artists as being an Otaku. This just continually gives me a borader idea of what an Otaku is, this is a term that back at home is mainly used to refer to being a fan of Anime and Japanese pop culutre. In conclusion, it’s a complex subject and I wonder if it could be used to refer to being obsessed with anything, I mean can we call sports fanatics sports Otaku? I am still really not sure how I feel about all this yet.

Hooray for first anon hate, ish;.. I guess… lol That’s fine

I had a great day and people enjoy my tumblr as far as I can tell so I don’t see any reason to do things any differently, if being honest on my own blog bothers people I can’t do anything about it, I didn’t make this blog to please everyone, to be tumblr famous, or to get pity. I just enjoy blogging so that’s what I do, I make vlogs cause I like making  vlogs, I have emotions that aren’t always positive and so what? It’s called being human right? Okay, I am done ranting… ^_^;;

Sometimes… I think the people drawing these artbooks just get tired of drawing pictures

Or something happens because I am looking at the one side of this pinup and it’s not really the best day for any of the main GW pilots… like Trowa’s hair is all up and funky and his eyes are kind of narrow… Heero’s body is fine but his face is just…um…well they forgot the whites of his eyes for one… Duo looks decent still but it broke my heart because he’s upset and not even trying to smile… Quatre is upset too which broke my heart, I don’t know how to explain what looks off about his drawing here…There’s nothing wrong with the Wufei picture though… okay for the got 2/5 right… meh… the other side has chibs so maybe they just figured no one would care about this side.

Do you guys want me to continue the ranting about artbooks thing I started a while back? I still have a lot more I could randomly comment on. Or is there anything else you want me to post about? I don’t want to do these things if no one likes or will read it…because idk…it takes me a few hours to write them honestly…lol.

Ranting time

So like my most popular RP blog is the Suzaku one, I am slowly nearing 90 followers there…

My Syaoran blogs have a mild following with about 20 or so followers

Right now Duo is in third place with 27 or so followers, yet he seems to get less messages than

My Heero who has less followers than that

Since my Trowa is new he has around 5 followers (we are indirectly shipping him with Wufei now?)

and my Shadow side blog has 1 follower…
poor Shadow…

Meanwhile my relationships with my muses

with Suzaku: We are best buds man, he and! He really cares about me and tries to cheer me up when I am feeling down but scolds me for not being more responsible at times.

With my Syaorans: With Tsubasa Syaoran he is quiet and tries to remind me when I am overdue replies because I’ve been a little Inactive on there lately, CCS Syaoran has less patience with me on that account.

With Duo: We are somewhat close, he never gets enough people to satisfy him (message wise) because he just loves socializing and gets really eager whenever he sees his followers on. He’ll do things on his own at times and he’ll be as emotional as he wants to me on tumblr. He doesn’t get why I am not more social

With Trowa: Right now, he’s cautiously accepting me but he got kind of angry when I reblogged something asking for TMI asks, I do think I will have to slowly ease into things with him or he will just shut down and refuse to work with me.

That moment when you realize you can twist any song to remind you of your various ships, and you have songs that remind you of more than one OTP at the same time.

My feels…they are not stopping…

If I attempt to make them and fail maybe it will encourage someone else to make them…

At least my Wufei wouldn’t have a buzz cut…

And I’d probably give him glasses cause… Wufei+glasses= fan girl feels.

Er…I’ll ask Conner when he comes back… XD

I’ll post attempts/fails on here…maybe that will convince them…

Was just compared to three really awesome characters

Excuse my while I go scream inaudible expressions of love and disbelief….