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Day 10: Shipping Challenge

Day 10: Why aren’t these two married? There’s two of them that won…so I’ll talk about both…Warning: About to get into Nintendo Otakuness. The one with the most points is Link and Zelda from legend of Zelda.

(Picture is from some place like so it’s not mine and not official either)

I don’t care what your theory is…if you do the timeline thing, the multiple generations thing, the mulitple dimensions thing, or if it’s that whole “Link and Zelda are reincarnated because the hero is cursed” sort of thing…either way…there needs to be a dimension or game or something where these two get married! Why? Because I said so darn it! Now time for a funny story (I have one of the other choice too) when I first played Zelda II…you know how you start standing in front of the sleeping Zelda? Well, silly fangirl sugichan thought that Link was waking up from having been asleep and leaving the castle and that then we’d find out why we needed to save Hyrule. Please note I got the game used and not on virtual console (got it before the Wii existed) so I had no instruction booklet to give me the story of the game…when I later read it online my heart sank because I honestly thought for once Link had married Zelda…-_-.I love these two and I do not care if it’s too obvious or anything…I mean Link and Zelda= classic right? right? I sometimes wanted to be Link so then I could have Zelda…or not have her…cause yeah…it hasn’t happened yet…-_-. I do have a story idea where Link and Zelda are married and have a family which I’m sure that portion of it has been done….alot.

(Gotta show my support for the Mario Anime)

2nd choice: Mario and Peach from the Mario games. Cause seriously…why not? He’s always rescuing her…she’s always kissing him and making him blush like a school boy so…why hasn’t this relationship gone to marriage? I mean how old are they both now? Come on that would be awesome! I mean you could move Mario games into the future if you handle it properly…please handle it properly though…Which leads me to another funny story. I was some streange 12 year old you guys…I had convinced myself that at the beginning of Super Mario Sunshine that Mario and Peach were going on their honeymoon. I mean I figured Toadsworth could have been there for…I dunno moral support or to pay for the trip or something. So yeah, I was mad about their ‘honeymoon’ being interupted but just as with the first story…the instruction booklet set me straight. T_T Is it so bad to want to see two characters who clearly love each other be married?

My Anime/Video game fandom affects my life … here’s proof
  • I want to try fencing at least once in my lifetime because it is the closest thing to wielding a sword and ever since seeing almost every character I like wield a sword it looks really cool.
  • I actually want to buy a book on Alchemy and it’s history, before FMA I had no idea what Alchemy even was…
  • I have gotten my hair cut and dyed to look more like a character I am planning to cosplay
  • I am trying to exercise to become more fit like a character I am wanting to cosplay.
  • Whenever I heard about powdered wigs in a history class or any other class I always think of Emperor Charles from Code Geass.
  • In a physical science class when the teacher said that cooking is basically chemistry I immediately wondered if Ed would be a great chef because chemistry and alchemy both involve a balanced amount of elements/ingredients.
  • I first was interested in Japan thanks to learning that the producer of all my favorite video games is Japanese.
  • One day back in high school when there was a shaking sound (actually a loud truck nearby) I was reminded of the moon crashing to Terimina
  • I have had countless dreams where I am randomly one of my favorite characters or the lover of one of my favorite characters.
  • When I learn new words in Japanese class I can think of which of my favorite Anime characters I recall using that word
  • When I found out there’s a version of the Chinese Zodiac that has the Cat in it I got excited and felt happy for Kyo, until I realized that it was there to replace the Rabbit…then I felt bad.
  • I have ideas of what I think would make a cool Anime/Manga. 
  • I wanted to cry when the Macy’s day float of Sonic crashed
  • I actually was able to think of a good number of examples for this list and there are probably other examples that aren’t here. 

So yeah, that was just random fun I had, I referenced only a small number of my Fandoms here but you get the picture…this is all true and stuff that I really experienced/did. If you have any comments/questions etc. don’t be shy.

The following Anime and Video games are referenced: Super Mario games, Sonic games, Legend of Zelda games, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Anime in general…