Sugichan's random funness...

Another year has already passed

And many things have happened

I’ve met many people

Who are so precious to me.

The people close to me from before

Have become much closer to me

For those who haven’t left me alone

I want to express my gratitude

Yes, you are all precious to me.

This year and in this place

I found a piece of happiness

I want to hold your hands

And walk towards the future proudly

I haven’t quite succeeded

But there’s no reason to give up?

You are all cheering for me

In your own way aren’t you?

Without your support, where would I be?

I am able to keep walking forward

Because I am not really alone

Your guidance and you’re smiling faces

Give me a reason to move forward.

I cannot even fully express

All these feelings flowing

Within my chest

All of the love and appreciation.

This year and in this place

I found a piece of happiness

I want to hold your hands

And walk towards the future proudly

So let us take this path

Even if we stumble from time to time

Because we aren’t alone

The future looks much brighter.

Hey you guys

TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS… YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE~ I am curious of what got you to follow me in the first place and I want to hear from all of you…not just the three I here from…I mean you guys keep talking too of course! So yeah please tell me why you followed me/ still follow me, tell me something you like about my blog, and you can also tell me something that you’ve wanted to get of your chest about me…if it’s something I do/say/etc. just be courteous because I tend to be sensitive and a little….random. You can also ask or say anything else!

If not I will torture Lelouch and make him dress in pretty outfits similar to what his mom wore… JK! I just wanted to put Luluko here…idk why.

So yeah…Let’s talk Minn-san!

Day 05: Character Challenge

Day 05: A group of characters like you and a group of friends. Oh geez….I don’t know if I have a whole group of friends that I am close enough to to give them all character equivalents…um well, I guess like I said before I am like Syaoran…I’m sticking with that! As for one of my close friends…he’s maybe a bit like Al Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. He’s a little modest/shy but also very friendly and he will stand up for what he believes in, as well as having the moments of boldness. I don’t think I am very much like Ed, otherwise I could claim that my friend and are like the Elric brothers…but no I am not like Ed sadly. Um…let’s see…yeah that’s all I can think of..not exactly a social butterfly here.

P.S. My friend has long hair so he’s more like the non-short haired Al.

I Suppose when angry I can be a bit Ed like…but I dunno.

Feedback seeking for entry ideas

For those of you who asked questions when I asked for questions thanks so much! I like interacting with followers and…anonymous people on here very much as well as non-followers! I am going to try to figure out what you guys would like to see on my blog…in terms of a review of Ayu’s album My Story…I apologize for the wait but I will hopefully be able to upload it this weekend…next week is spring break so I think I will have more time for formal blog entries…. So let me know what you guys want to see on here… or what I already do that I like. I will include a list of ideas etc. below.

  1. Questions and Answers (ask me questions as myself or as a character…can’t do every single character but there are a few I could probably do)
  2. CD reviews of Ayumi Hamasaki (doing that now…sort of)
  3. Posts of pictures I found and liked as well as my random comments (sort of do that now)
  4. Poetry I have written (be nice if I do post it!)
  5. Video game lyrics I have written (fan-based, only did on one post)
  6. 30 day challenges
  7. Surveys
  8. Top 10 video game or Anime related lists
  9. CD reviews of Eiffel 65, Gackt, or other artist that I listen to a lot.
  10. Roleplaying related stuff
  11. Insert your suggestion here

Now, you can give me suggestions but I can’t guarantee I will do it because I might look at it and just either not want to do it or not be able to do it but I love feedback and who knows? if you think of a really good idea I migh do it! Yay!

More RP/Role playing related update-isis

Once more here is everything I am willing to RP or have RPed before… I am not a vertran RPer or anything but I will try my best if people are willing to try RPing with me…I also need lessons on how to RP on here so…yeah…also if I take a while for some reason it’s’ probably because I am a college student so I tend to get busy at times *splits off in many directions* lol…also in August I will be in Japan and probably busy at a Japanese college so not sure if RPing would work at that point but I hope…a year without RPing would suck! Well…not that a year in Japan would suck…would be awesome but I hope I can RP too…we’ll see.

(Yeah, kind of stopped alphabetical thing…lol)

Anime I RP or want to RP:

  1. Card Captor Sakura
  2. Code Geass/Code Geass R2 (will not RP spin offs)
  3. Deathnote
  4. Fullmetal Alchemist (willing to try…only on volume 11 of manga though —)
  5. Fruits Basket
  6. Gravitation
  7. Higurashi no naku koro ni (willing to try)
  8. Magic Knight Rayearth (willing to try)
  9. Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle (willing to try)
  10. Yami no Matsuei
  11. Yuugiou (Duel monsters, will not RP spin-offs)
  12. XXXHOLIC (willing to try)

Video games I am willing to try:

  1. Sonic the hedgehog
  2. Legend of Zelda

Genres I am willing to RP (I may do more this is just all I can think of):

  1. Comedy
  2. Romance
  3. Yaoi
  4. Yuri
  5. Drama
  6. Action
  7. Suspence
  8. Super Natural
  9. Fantasy
  10. etc.

I already listed the Yaoi couples I am willing to RP though if there’s one you think you might want to RP with me and think I might like it please ask… here are the other couples that I can think of right now who aren’t yaoi but I would enjoy RPing: Warning: I am pretty open to RPing couples and some of them fans won’t agree with which is fine. I like to be experimental so please don’t bash me for that…

  1. Syaoran and Sakura- CCS, TRC
  2. Ed Elric and Winry Rockbell- FMA
  3. Lelouch and C.C.
  4. Lelouch and Kallen
  5. Lelouch and Euphie
  6. Lelouch and Shirley
  7. Suzaku and Nunnally
  8. Suzaku and Euphie
  9. Suzaku and Kallen
  10. Suzaku and C.C. 
  11. L and Misa- Death Note
  12. Tohru and Kyo- FB
  13. Hatsuharu and Rin-FB
  14. Watanuki and Yuuko- XXXHOLIC
  15. Sonic and Amy
  16. Knuckles and Rouge
  17. Shadow and Rouge
  18. Shadow and Amy
  19. Seto and Kisara- Yuugiou
  20. Link…with pretty much anyone within reason- Legend of Zelda series

3-10= Code Geass and R2 15-18: Sonic the hedgehog games

Characters preferences: erm…just ask me…sorry I am getting worn out from this long post lol.. As you seen I prefer to be canon characters or anon characters…bad at terms for this stuff… I RP through e-mail, tumblr (once I learn how), and chat room mostly but will take other suggestions…for Yaoi related couples see my previous post relating to RPing and feel free to comment or ask anything…Yeps… So don’t be shy and message me…just be patient with me because I am not experienced and such but will do my best *bows* also I can’t comment everyday but I will try to reply often.