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Sugi’s ship list/playlist thing Gundam Wing edition

It is very possible you won’t know many of these songs considering these are my personal picks and may contain a high volume of Japanese and European artists/bands but I wanted to do this list anyway. Some songs remind me or more than one ship and some songs remind me of multiple characters so I apologize in advance for repeats (as you will see I do have one song that reminds me both of a single character and of two ships…yep…and that was unexpected but yeah.) I take this seriously, I am judging on lyrics and elments within the instrumentals or official PVs when I make this judgement and I am not just throwing a random list together…I may update the list later since as of right now I have more ships than I do of songs that remind me of them.
Ship Songs:

1X2 (HeeroXDuo):

Another world- Blutengel

Meeting on the planet- Two-mix

Days- Ayumi Hamasaki

Top Secret- Amuro Namie

1X3 (HeeroXTrowa):

Trust me- Two-mix

Cynical World- Fiction Junction Yuuka

Moon- Ayumi Hamasaki

Yubi- Eiko Shimamiya (have yet to find translated lyrics to check if the lyrics fit)

2X3 (DuoXTrowa):

Let’s go- Amuro Namie

Trust- Ayumi Hamasaki

Libra- MUCC

2X4 (DuoXQuatre):

Sister- Porno Graffiti

3X4 (TrowaXQuatre):

Thousand Nights- Two-mix

3X5 (TrowaXWufei):

Libra- MUCC


Stay Gold- Utada Hikaru

Friend- Ayumi Hamasaki

Walking Proud- Ayumi Hamasaki


Duo- Frost


Sakurasou- Gackt

Storm- Gackt

Ballad- Ayumi Hamasaki

Sweet Scar- Ayumi Hamasaki

Individual characters:

Heero Yuy:

Jesus- Gackt

Duo Maxwell:

A song for xx- Ayumi Hamasaki

U+K- Gackt (will eventually remind me of a ship when I can decide which ship)

Hana- Ayumi Hamasaki

Trowa Barton:

Like a doll- Ayumi Hamasaki

Marionette- Ayumi Hamasaki

Ghost- Gackt (not even sure if it is a ship song or not)

Quatre Rebarba Winner: (if I spelled his middle name wrong I am sorry)

Don’t look back- Ayumi Hamasaki

Chang Wufei:

Redemption- Gackt

Bai Bai De (white)- Angela Zhang (undecided on what ship)

Zechs Marquise/ Milliardo Peacecraft:

Libra- MUCC

You will probably see this again since this list is far from complete, if you made it to this point without leaving thank you for reading! This is my opinion so please do be respectful if you disagree and thanks for reading. I want more songs for other characters and such so I will be back…someday…someday I will find translations for more songs and be able to edit this list.

Here is the vlog I recorded last night, the topic is Code Geass…kinda
Ranting about being an Otaku, while in Japan

Author’s note: So, these opinions are mine, I didn’t look up an resources before writing this so this post contains my opinions and if some things are off it is probably because I wasn’t trying to write facts. Feedback is always welcome but do try to be connsiderate in the least even if you don’t like something I have said, thanks again. This is mostly just my frustrations and ranting lol.

 I don’t really like how it seems like both of my host mothers seemed to have a negative image of Otaku, I mean my first host mother considered Anime to be for children and she called me a child more than once which caused me to feel embarrassed and kinda of insulted by that. My current host mother isn’t around much but seems to view my interest in Anime and manga with a negative light. Mentioning going to Mandarake with friends, once she knew what it was made her ask if I had interest in going to Shrines and Temples as well, I didn’t appreciate the fact that just because I am interested in manga and Anime that she assumed I am only into that portion of Japan. I felt pressured to mention all the non-Anime related places I have been and I shouldn’t feel ashamed. She also mentioned to me how few Japanese people, besides kids, are into Anime but at Mandarake I saw plenty of Japanese college kids there, the last time I was there the only foreigners I saw were me and my friends so this is not always the case.

The term Otaku seems to refer to any activities that can keep you occupied on your own. Among the Anime, Manga, video games, etc. Den Den Town also sell motorcycle parts and little gadgets and gizmos, basically these stores appear to be a mechanic’s paradise. So yes, another type of Otaku here is the mechanic. I suppose whether you are at home tuning your bike, or working on a model kit, or watching Anime the fact is you are doing it alone and that seems to be frowned on, at least in part in Japanese society. Yet it seems like there are many stores, museums, public events, etc. for Otaku of various sorts so it seems a little confusing to me. I guess it is like anywhere, there is the side of society that frowns upon it and the side that openly accepts and encourages it. One other thing to mention before I finish, upon walking home that one time I went to Mandarake on my own, and I got the help of two Japanese college students to get to the station I conversed with them in Japanese and told them that I shopped too much, at one point in the conversation I told them, without reservation “I am an Otaku” One of the girls giggled and said “Me too.” and I said “Oh really?” I was excited, thinking that I had met a fellow Anime fan. What she told me next shocked me, she told me “I love Johnny’s” Now, Johnny’s is a term to refer to male pop groups that have been regruited and promoted by a talent agency known as Johnny & Associates. They basically promote boy band JPOP groups that are popular with many females.

So basically this girl was calling herself an Otaku based on being a fan of Japanese boy bands. I began to wonder if this meant that society viewed even something as simple and common as being a fanatic of certain bands and music artists as being an Otaku. This just continually gives me a borader idea of what an Otaku is, this is a term that back at home is mainly used to refer to being a fan of Anime and Japanese pop culutre. In conclusion, it’s a complex subject and I wonder if it could be used to refer to being obsessed with anything, I mean can we call sports fanatics sports Otaku? I am still really not sure how I feel about all this yet.

There has been a little undue hate of the new Ayu albums on my dash

Here is my response: (my opinion so no hating) Over the years people have liked and hated various things Ayu does. She always gets a strong reaction from fans on one end or the other. I have seen wars over which summer songs were best, whether PVs flopped or not and I am just sitting here with a sigh because I have to be very honest. No matter what Ayu did, no matter how I felt about her PVs one thing was for certain.. I loved her songs…always…even with Party Qeen containing tracks I was iffy about, I liked them in the end because of what they stood for. Even if the Again PVs weren’t wonderful I would never dis her songs for that and the charts aren’t that important to me… I like what I like and don’t give a damn about the rest of the world when it comes to music tastes, I was always like that… I don’t really ever listen to the top 3 on the charts unless Ayu of Namie happened to make it up there.  So…no matter what fans say or joke about when it comes to the mini-albums I will remain here in Ayu’s corner supporting her and cheering her on…sorry if I angered anyone

P.S.: I am not saying you guys don’t have a right to your opinions or that the top 3 artist are bad artists…not at all. I am just lamenting over some jokes that were made recently is al…

Since I am currently suffering from Eiffel 65 feels Twenty Eiffel 65/Bloom 06 songs you shouldn’t pass up

Eiffel 65 and Bloom 06 as they were called when Gabry wasn’t with them have many great songs and if I wrote them all…since I love pretty much all of them…I’d just be listing all the songs so please no if the song isn’t on here that I still find it great…. I will not include remixes despite the fact that they have some pretty epic remixes since this list will be Official songs only…also I will not include songs that EVERYONE THINKS Eiffel 65 did but they nearly remixed such as Discovery Channel by the Bloodhound gang (artist could be wrong?) So please don’t send me any messages about songs they didn’t sing, check their official discography before assuming they actually made a song before you message me about a song because I will not have patience for you if you don’t…sorry. I also will not include Blue, Move your body or Too much of heaven because while great songs almost everyone who knows the group has heard them, I will highlight other songs and many beyond USA releases

Without further ado let’s get into the list, these are not ranked per say…too hard…lol.

01. Now is forever: A song I rarely hear discussed from the Europop album that has a slower tempo. The song hosts a beautiful message about appreciating the here and now and not regretting the past and focusing only on what you do not have. The music itself always left me in a sort of trance, being very melodic and I loved the use of backwards messages in the song, despite being written forward in the lyrics so not necessarily being hidden per say.

02. I don’t wanna lose- Off of the contact album this is a song that always created an dreamy atmosphere for me and it is one of the more poetic songs Eiffel 65 have and to this day I still consider the lyrics that were sung and wonder about it’s deeper meaning. To explain it wouldn’t be easy and I think you should listen to try to understand it best. It reminds me of holding on to something you really believe in and being able to escape from the hectic reality that is every day life.

03. Tu Credi- Off of the 3rd and self-titled album, I recommend the Italian version however you can look up the lyrics for the English version and also give the English version a listen to understand the meaning if you  don’t speak Italian..which I don’t either. This song is a touching love song that certainly seems to hint a message of peace. Eiffel 65 is very anti-war if you’ve known them for a while. Either way the song is catchy and melodic so give it a listen.

04. When the party is over- From Crash Test 01, the first CD Bloom 06 released this song introduced guitar instrumentals along with the well-known keyboarding skills of Maury since Jeffery started playing instrumentals as well at this time. I love the instrumentals and the message…it does give you a sense of Bloom 06 being slightly darker than Eiffel 65 at times but still a great song.

05. Brightly Shines- From Contact, This song’s instrumentals and it’s vocal effects were wonderful to me and the message was so beautiful. When I felt alone and worthless sometimes I listened to Brightly Shines to feel better about myself. The music kind of reminded me of Ancient Egypt whether it meant to be that way or not and since I’ve always loved Egypt I gravitate to this song a lot. A beautiful, somewhat dark but kind song.

06. 80s Stars: a single and was supposed to be on Contact, maybe is on some versions? Anyway, it’s basically a tribute to 80s music as the title suggests and how the narrator wonders where the 80s stars and all their great music went. In an era of songs that no longer affect him.

07. People of Tomorrow- This song, since I heard it when I was maybe 11 made me happy to know that Eiffel 65 saw promise in our generation and the technology that we are creating. It’s a great track too, very technoy.

08. Per Sempre- Crash test 01, I cannot tell you how much I love this song. I don’t understand Italian but I don’t need to to understand that this song has a deep message that yields more than one listen. The music is melodic, Jeffery’s voice is just wonderfully clear and…well sounds great in this song. The video for it is a good watch too. To this day my favorite song on Crash Test 01 (Forever is what Per Sempre translates to)

09. Silicon World: from Europop, I know people could argue that it sounds sort of sexual though I find it an innocent, catchy love song about a guy who wants to make a perfect girl in a perfect world that he can be with. I was always singing this when I was younger, it got stuck in my head a lot and I would either sing it or hum it constantly. I loved it so much though that I didn’t care lol.

10. In your eyes- Crash test 02, This song is another clearly anti-war song perhaps with a little undertone of politics but that honestly isn’t my forte so I wouldn’t know. Either way it is a somewhat haunting but beautiful song about the fears of war and what can result.

11. Going to dance all night- from self-titled 3rd album, I honestly forget the Italian title and don’t wish to butcher it up so I wrote the English version title, both are catchy dance songs that make you want to go to a dance club or at least get up and dance along with them.

12. Morning Time- This song actually made me cry the first time I heard it, it is beautiful and touching, sad but happy at the same time. A bittersweet song that may be about dieing but not losing hope, again my interpretation so don’t quote me.

13. Like a rolling stone- from 3rd album, I just love the lyrics, the song, the beat…everything. About moving forward even when life isn’t perfect and things don’t always go according to plan.

14. Your clown- From Europop, the music is nice, the vocal effects are interesting. My 2nd favorite song off of Europop

15. Journey- From Contact,This song has great music, beautiful vocals and I am a sucker for the music and or vocal effect they used, either way I loved it!

16. Back in time- From Contact, I love the synthesizer music and the lyrics, I listened to it a milion times when it first came out.

17. Another Race-  From Europop,Catchy song, good lyrics and a space theme so that works. Also the vocal effects used sounded pretty cool to me.

18. Cielo Spento- Empty Sky, from Crash test 01, I love the music, a great combination of guitar rifts and synthesizer music. I don’t understand the lyrics but Jeffery’s voice sounds great as usual.

19. Nel Buio Trad di noi- from Crash test 02, this is another case where the instrumentals stole my heart, it’s catchy, unique, the vocals sound nice too.

20. The world inside my bedroom- from 3rd CD, again wrote the English because I don’t want to butch up the Italian but I prefer the Italian version still, English one is nice too. It’s a quiet, slow, but powerful song about playing music in your bedroom and escaping the outside world where you can unwind and relax to some great music. A perfect way to finish off their third album and this list.

Thanks for reading! Many great songs aren’t on this list as you know. Please take a listen to any of these songs if you haven’t already heard them and I hope you enjoy them and many others as much as I did and still do. Comments, questions, requests, and corrections (like if you speak Italian lol) are welcome. And if you can, on your own, translate any of these songs hit me up cause I’d love to read non-google translations of Eiffel 65’s Italian songs. Alrighty, that’s all for now…take care.

About Sonic Chronicles

While the idea of making a Sonic RPG game was very creative and interesting… one part where they creatively failed in my opinion was the music…

about 80% or more of it…might even be 100% is re-composed Sonic 3D Blast Saturn,Genesis and Sonic CD music.

Here’s my list…everything not in the list is original as far as I am aware of to the new game.

Green hill Zone- not sure what this one is yet so can’t say if it is original or not (I am talking about the music…if you pick up what it is let me know)

Central City- Diamond Dust zone Sonic 3D Blast Genesis

Mystic Ruins- Genie Gadget Zone Act 2 Sonic 3D Blast Genesis

Blue Ridge- Diamond Dust Zone act 2 Sonic 3D Blast Saturn

Metropolis- Panic Puppet  Zone Act 1 Sonic 3D Blast Saturn

Kron Colony- Volcano Zone Act 1 (Boss battle?) Sonic 3D blast Saturn

N’rrgal Colony- Quartz Quadrant (good future) Sonic CD version US

Nocturne- Final boss Sonic the hedgehog 3 Genesis

Battle 1- Tidal Tempest (I want to say past but they could have jumbled elemetns of all three tracks) Sonic CD version JP

Battle 2- Not sure if it is taking another track or not…if you know let me know lol

Boss Battle- Panic Puppet Zone Act 1 or 2 Sonic 3D blast Saturn

The others I do not know but when I played Sonic Chronicles for the first time and realized this I was angry…unless you are doing an anniversary game this just comes across as laziness, some people probably find it clever but I expect a lot from the Sonic games in terms of music and I do admit Sonic DS games and their music have been lacking in my favor for quite some time but at least most of them were original pieces. So if you know any others or just want to give me feedback let me know.

Top 10 Favorite Anime (Since it was requested)

They may be slightly in order or not in order…we’ll see… lol…maybe somewhat… I love all of these Anime so yeah… here we go…I’ll write some reasons or try but sorry if it all starts to sound like “Cause it’s great.” lol

1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebelion- There are no words to express how much I love this show, with it’s history altering, epic characters, heavy emotional value, great rewatch value, Lelouch vi Britannia, Suzaku Kururugi, cool Mechas that move really smoothly, a Knightmare that reminds me of Hiiro’s Gundam (I’m not lying), great message, interesting fan base, just…epic..yes… oh did I mention Lelouch vi Britannia?

2. Yuugiou Duel Monsters: I never really considered myself traditionally into card game based Anime but Yuugiou seems to the exception to that rule. Probably because the characters are attractive and have issues I care about, the main characters are sexy and cute, I have been interested in Ancient Egypt since I was 7 and Yuugiou is one of the only Anime that I’ve seen use Egypt, the Japanese version is epic and has great music, and the card game was fun for a little amount of time for me.

3. Card Captor Sakura: This show is only the cutest show known to man kind! CLAMP is one of my favorite mangakas and this cute magic girl show got me hooked right away. The idea was cool, the characters were lovable, and Syaoran came into existence…the outfits were fun to see too, you always wondered “What will Sakura wear today?” lol…Did I mention Syaoran came into existence?

4. Yami no Matsuei: Despite being really short in Anime form I really enjoyed this Anime as I like the characters and the mystery behind their cases, as well as really enjoying the music and atmosphere overall of the show, the manga is probably still my preferred medium since I liked the longer length and more complex situations. For the longest time I related to Tsuzuki so much for his past and for…I dunno just the fact that we have a lot in common, he and I, I also love the artwork style.

5. XXXHolic: This Anime…how do I desribe it? Mysterious, fun, funny, emotional, unique, random refrences to other CLAMP and non-CLAMP fandoms. Yes, I love Holic and it’s Anime, the Anime didn’t seem as concerned with crossing over with Tsubasa as the manga and sometimes it tried things the manga didn’t so I was able to view it a little more as it’s own show. I love how it could balance being humorous and dark at the same time. Oh and also for CLAMP leaving a hint in chapter 1 about Watanuki that I noticed and felt so proud of myself when I turned out to be right (regarding him and Syaoran).

6. Gundam Wing: So…when this Anime first came to America… I wasn’t interested in it… it had a bad dub…was edited, had characters that at that time I considered semi-emo and the politics made me bored so I mostly saw it when waiting for another show to come on. When I re-discovered it at a later time thanks to a friend of mine and watched it in Japanese I fell in love with the show and it’s characters and the message. Even before I liked it I could not deny that there is something attractive about it, well besides all the young attractive pilots, and well it finally got through to me when I watched it again.I’m love with all of them, they are like my brothers and sisters…yes..

7. Fullmetal Alchemist: This show is so powerful and I didn’t see it when it first came out but now that I am watching and reading it I am hooked just like everyone else. Not only does it deal with the concept of alchemy and many deep issues but it has a wonderful cast of likable good guys and bad guys as well as those you love to hate. This among all the other shows I have mentioned give me the feels really badly.Oh and Edward, Mustang, Alphonse…need I say more?

8. Revolutionary Girl Utena: Just because it was such a weird but likable show with great swords fighting and a heroine that defied the concepts of a typical shoujo, it’s one of those Anime you had to really pay attention to to understand.

9. Key the metal Idol: This beautiful work is often not very appreciated. It has a beauitful message and a surperior soundtrack that deserves to be mentioned more often. It dealt with issues of being an idol and being a human as well as touching upon what true friendship really is. Do check this Anime out if you ever happen to stumble upon it.

10. Slayers: I have yet to watch the whole thing but Slayers has been one of my favorite Fantasy Comedies to this day. The characters are very likable and the scenarios are always crazy and somewhat unpredictable, not to mention I love the soundtrack of this show, the woman who voices Lina is a great singer and voice actress that has voiced many of the female leads that I love from different Anime.

Sorry that near the end I got a little tired… I hope that you enjoyed reading this list and know that many Anime weren’t mentioned here since I love many Anime. It ended up not really being ranked and also for Tsubasa… I don’t like the Anime very much so that is why it is not listed, I did not list any Anime that I felt failed in comparison to the manga, so if I love the manga only they didn’t make the cut. The Tsubasa Anime had me until season 2 and then quickly lost me…I hated how the Anime handled some things in season 1 as well…ok bye for now and also contact me if you have more things to request or ask or say.

I wish Den Den town sold all the Gundam Wing operation CDS

Because when I found out there were more character songs I wanted to run to the store and get all of them…also on Amazon it’s really expensive to get one CD with all of them so… I was sad that I couldn’t get more but grateful that I have at least the 2nd one…I mean Hiiro’s character song makes me long for the series, to see him kicking some OZ butt and what not… his song is postiive… I kinda you know thought his song would be kind of sad.. .but…nope…his song is awesome… and it reminds me of the early 90s too OMG!

Duo’s character song, that’s some awesome stuff right there. This one was called Good luck & Good bye and had a sentimental feel to it which wasn’t what I was expecting from Duo but man was it good! It made me think Duo should be a celebrity you know? Ha ha I could just see that too…he’d probably try to ger the other guys in on it…Duo always strikse me as enjoying group type settings, probably because he’s Duo and not Solo…it’s a joke but yeah…Gundam Wing fans might get my reference there… Anyway, the song is great and reminded me of 90s anime and the song almost made me teary, kind of like everyone works together and then parts ways and we move on…that sort of thing… oh Duo…all you have to do is breath and it’s cool…seriously…

The third song is Trowa’s and I forget the Japanese word but the song translates to Clown and if any song in this album is depressing but still moving and powerful this is it! OMG I feel like my fandom for Trowa increased quite a bit just hearing his character song because suddenly I felt an overwhelming urge to take him into my arms and tell him everything will be ok. The piece is well written comparing his performance in the circus to hiding his true emotions for fear of being betrayed or hurt, keeping a safe distance and trying to hide his real emotions that inevitably end up escaping in the end. I’ve heard this song about 5 times since I bought the album and I still tear up and I almost creid over it yesterday, shed like two tears then tried to be strong cause I was at school and try telling a concerned classmate ‘I’m crrying because the character song of this character from Gundam Wing is so sad.” I think they’d call me an otaku…I am an Otaku though…lol.

Quatre’s character song is fun, what can I say it’s Quatre? It almost gives the feel if you take it too seriously that he is talking directly to Trowa but I think really it’s everyone in the main group and not directly to anyone specific though fans who ship Trowa and Quatre might argue for it and I wouldn’t completely disagree with them. His song is about I dunno it seems kind of determined, it’s called I’ll be your friend so mostly it is encouraging and friendly lol.

Wufei’s character song…I think titled opening the door to tomorrow but in Japanese… determined song and this one is epic too, one of my favorites on here… yeah.. um if you have no other reason to like Wufei (which is kind of odd to me since Wufei rocks!) you have to admit he can sing, this song is really nice and I dunno…his voice is just melodic… I like it…ok? This is another one about fighting for what you believe in and stuff like that…(too lazy to look it up again) but I dunno it really sounds like Wufei, did I mention the insturmentals on all of these songs kick serious butt? Yes…they do…if I didn’t…

I already talked about this album you say? I know… I am again so…yeah… and I’ve been posting tons of Gundam Wing stuff lately… I regret none of it! Yes, so leave feedback and stuff…eventually I will listen to the other songs… oh and do let me know what you want to see my post Gundam Wing or other wise, I love giving my opinions and such… yay!

Ayumi Hamasaki’s birthday, 20 reasons I love and will continue to love her.

Thank you guys so much for your feedback! I was so happy to find that so many people told me what they wanted to see me post and I’m so happy that you guys are helping me to celebrate of Queen’s b-day! I am going to do a top 20 list of reasons I love and continue to love Ayu, they are not really in any particular ranking since they all are important factors and it would seem unfair to place some as more important than others. Please enjoy! Also there are more reasons I am sure but I’d be here all day and I have class lol…so 20 is good for now.

20 Reasons I love and continue to love Ayumi Hamasaki:

01. She inspires me: Her music and poetic lyrics inspired me at the age of 12 to take up writing free verse poetry to relieve my stress and often I will listen to her songs to come up with ideas for writing or to help the poem flow.

02. She is unlike any other artist: Coming from an era of music where I felt like everyone was trying to be the next big hit and therefore started copying each other Ayu was a breath of fresh air to me, so much that I almost cried. It was like I had finally found her…the one person who was unlike any other artist.

03. She is beautiful: No matter what fashion choice, even if I am not the biggest fan of it I can never deny the beauty that Ayu exhibits both externally and internally. I can feel her heart through her music and that is why to this day Ayu remains one of the few artists who can move me to tears whether or happiness or in sadness.

04. Her albums tell a story:  Her albums seem almost perfectly ordered that takes along on a journey, of love, life, happiness, and sadness. When her albums used to be released at the end or beginning of the year I liked to think that she was taken us through her life of that year even knowing some of her songs might be about a friend’s experiences.

05. Ayu’s lyrics: Her lyrics, which she herself writes are inspirational, deep, thought-provoking, honest, and pure. They have moved me to tears, lightened up my day, relieved my stress, and kept me company when I was alone. It is difficult to know exactly how to word this.

06. I can relate to her: Her music, her lyrics, the pain she’s been through, the fact that she is still fighting on despite everything she’s gone through. I have felt similar feelings in my life and I have felt at times that no one was there for me but always… always I have Ayu’s music waiting for me when I got home, I could listen to her songs and cry, it helped me to feel calm, like confiding in a close friend after a bad day. Yes, that’s what it has always been like.

07. Her PVs: Ayu’s PVs range from upbeat and fun to dark and strange but they also contain a deep message, symbolic meaning, and beautiful imagery. Her PV for Jewel was one of the most expensive PVs of all time simply because of all the jewels used in it.

08. She’s professional: Ayu again and again has shown a great perfectionism towards her work, always putting her soul and energy into her work, giving a 110% percent to make sure that she gets the best performance out to her fans sometimes even to the point whee she’ll ignore her own health, like in the Dome tour 2001, when she performed an entire encore on a sore leg.

09. She isn’t afraid to be controversial: many of her PVs have been seen as being strange but often times controversial and she will host themes that often shock people but in the case of her fans we openly welcome it, it is a powerful way to get her message across. Dark videos such as Alterna and 1LOVE as well as party videos such as Lady Dynamite and let us not forget the beautifulyu inspirational Howe Beautiful you are PV.

10. Her live performances: If you have ever seen an Ayumi Hamasaki person, either in person or on DVD you cannot deny that she really puts on a performance. With a setlist of many different songs, the order of which is decided by Ayu herself and themed concerts with videos and costumes to make everything unfold into a story on the stage you cannot deny that there is a great amount of hard work and dedication by herself and her staff to make the best performance possibly.

11. She loves her fans: Ayu is always thankfully for her fans and many times thanks us by continuing to work hard and showing great dedication to her art. Even releasing songs written directly to the songs including by not limited to Present, Audience, Red Line ~for TA~.

12. She is accepting: I must say that I am fan of Ayu’s either way but when I realized her acceptence of Homosexual relationships and any relationship in general I just felt that much more sure in my love for her and I am glad that she continues to support us.

13. She is dedicated to her country: the fact that during last year’s earthquake she felt a great pull towards her home country and that even her relationship fell apart because of that, as sad and in pain I was over that I am very impressed by her dedication to Japan.

14. She is not afraid to show her emotions on the stage: Sometimes during a performance she will get emotional and sometimes continuing it becomes difficult for her to continue singing but her fans cheer her on and she continues. I am happy to be one of the people who during her 2012 performance that night in Fukuoka who encouraged her along with a whole stadium of fans during her performance of Tell me Why when she became a little emotional but she sang on, her voice strong and beautiful as ever.

15. Her nails: Ayu has the most beautiful and creative nail designs I have seen and I am not usually into nail designs but when it comes to Ayu I am always paying attention. I currently have long nails that after I get tired of them I cut them but I like to pose like Ayu sometimes just for fun since my nails are also long…they are nowhere near as nice as hers though.

16. She’s cute: Ayu is full of energy on the stage, in her PVs, and when she appears on TV shows and she always has such adorable moments with the other guests, and behind the scenes that you just want to run up and hug her.

17. She isn’t prideful: Despite all the success and setting record sales year after year and winning multiple awards Ayu isn’t prideful, she carries herself in a modest manner and always thanks her fans for her tremendous success, not once suggesting her own talents to be the reason for her success.

18. The instrumentals of her songs: Her songs are always well-composed and the music is very catchy and creative. Ayu has tried many different styles and the music seems to vary a little but overall I feel her band is very talented and they produce great instrumental pieces.

19. Her songs are fun to sing: I am always singing Ayu songs throughout the day and thanks to being in Japan with karaoke being so big I’ll go sing her songs even if just by myself and fall in love with her songs all over again and squeal when they actually include her PV or play her concert while I sing.

20. Her new releases: The sheer excitement and anticpation whenever Ayu announces a new realease is such a great feeling and when finally you hear her new song for the first time and you think “That’s perfect, better than I thought.” and you become so excited for the PVs and the full release that you can’t even stand it…yes this is the feeling I’ve had ever since 2002.

Thank you so much for reading my top 20, sorry for no pics on this post but I will add more later assuming I will remember… I will do my normal Japan update but after that for the remainder of this day…here in Japan I will reblog only Ayu after that on my personal, this does not extend to my RP blogs however. So…around let’s see… 11AM there it will already be the next day so I will post other things after that time. Please leave feedback if you wish, share in the love, if you have different reasons share them if you like and we’ll have an Ayu love fast. Happy Birthday Ayumi Hamasaki! Please continue to grace us with your greatness!

When you hate the main chara of an Anime you love…

I just want get this off my chest, it’s cool if you have this opinion but in all honesty… I do not get it when somebody loves a show, video game, etc. and hates the main character… how would you be able to stand the fact that they get most of the screen time? Wouldn’t you loath the show for the fact that the main character is there… usually if I hate the main character I just sop watching the show…like I said no offesne to anyone who feels this way, it’s just me…

I mean there are people who don’t like Sonic who love the Sonic games, to me that’d be like liking Mario games but not liking Mario… it doesn’t compute in my head. And in cases when the main character’s name is in the tittle? Wouldn’t you just be so angered every time you see the tittle? I certainly hope nobody who loved Sailor Moon hated Sailor Moon… her name is the title…

Okay, Rant time over… ha ha. Ohs and Followers… I had posts where I asked questions… please answer at least one of them…please… *puppy dog Edward Elric/ Syaoran face*(That would look interesting…)